Easiest Way to Start Creating Healthy Habit Today

It is so easy to focus on the few things that you do wrong every day and not on the HUNDREDS that you do right! Not only does focusing on the good make it easier to create healthy habits out of these behaviors, but with consistent practice it actually changes your brain chemistry by creating a self image that is confident, brave and empowered.

Did you eat breakfast today?
Add extra greens to your burger and fries?
Get 7 hours of sleep (even if it is because you overslept)?                                                           Go for a quick walk instead of sulking at your desk at 3pm?                                               Texture_Lav-151-2Finally get something done that was on your to do list for weeks (more like months)?

Celebrate the victory! Support and feel good about your own decisions the way you would for a friend. Life is hard enough without you constantly putting yourself down.

You find what you look for, and if you learn to look for and {more importantly} CELEBRATE the good, you will most certainly find it in yourself and others.

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