Worst Case Scenarios: Friend or Foe?


Just wanted to share something that has really been helping me get through life lately.

Two months ago, the incredible Mel Robbins, put up a 30 second video that completely blew me away. In it she said something that is absurdly obvious yet completely counterintuitive. The craziest part is that this idea has been incredibly effective at instantly combating my negative and fear-based thought patterns.

Here it is:

Only think about the best case scenario. DO NOT let yourself think about the worst case scenario.

I know. Obvious. Yet crazy. 

How could I not consider every possible thing that could go wrong? Isn’t that irresponsible?  What do I base my decisions on, if not on the severity/likelihood of all the bad things that could happened? What if something goes wrong and I am not prepared?!

Lets break that down:

  1. Anything could happened. Literally anything. Thinking that you can predict it and prepare for it is delusional and mostly just a compulsive need for control in an unpredictable world.
  2. It is irresponsible and self-sabotaging to focus all your energy on all the negative things that might happened instead of the current opportunities that are actually happening and require your active involvement.
  3. Base your decision on the opportunity of the best possible scenario. Does it move you towards your goals? Does it get you closer to your truest self? Does it help you create the life you want?
  4. THE MOST IMPORTANT PART: If things do not go as planned.. guess what? YOU WILL PROBLEM SOLVE. Trust that no matter what happens you have the skills and experience to figure out a way to resolve the problem and continue moving forward.

When interviewing, do you say that problem-solving is one of your best skills? Or do you falsely claim that your best skill is never having anything go wrong? In work we all understand that things will go wrong, and that the most valuable player is the one who can confidently and effectively problem solve.

If you value that skill in your professional life, it is time to value and trust that skill in every other part of your life as well.

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