Hi, I’m Masha! I am a health coach, specializing in helping people use health and self-exploration as foundation for building healthier and more abundant lives. I received my holistic health coaching certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and have a plant-based nutrition certification from Cornell. I currently live in Hoboken with my husband while also working as an analyst in the fashion industry.

For years I would joke that I was my best self on Sundays. One day a week I would get enough sleep, spend my mornings listening to music, take a walk to get matcha, workout for as long as I want, go to brunch with friends, explore new places, and then spend the evening cooking dinner* with a sheet mask on and candles burning. Eventually, on a typically miserable Tuesday it hit me that the rest of my week could be so much better if I added a little extra self-love. I started counting macros, scheduled workout classes and bought more sheet masks, but I still didn’t feel great about myself or my life. I knew something really huge was missing.

In my search for answers on living a fuller, more fulfilling life, I discovered the huge role of nutrition and self-love on the over all quality of my life. It wasn’t just my weight that was impacted, but also my outlook, relationships, productivity and wellbeing. Slowly I started to connect the dots between food and self-care, and my energy levels, skin, digestion and anxiety. Little by little, adding bits of Sunday to my day helped me find a way to align my 9 to 5 self with my Sunday self to find a more abundant and cohesive lifestyle.I’ve spent the last few years learning about wellness, fitness, holistic health and plant based nutrition because I believe that is the foundation for success in any area of your life.