Why the Ingredients in Your Makeup Matter More Than You Think

Despite the fact that I obsessively read {and google} ingredient labels on food packages, until about a year ago, I never even considered reading the ingredients on the back of my makeup products. I mean why should I? It is not like I will recognize any of the words. What’s the worst thing that couldContinue reading “Why the Ingredients in Your Makeup Matter More Than You Think”

Worst Case Scenarios: Friend or Foe?

Just wanted to share something that has really been helping me get through life lately. Two months ago, the incredible Mel Robbins, put up a 30 second video that completely blew me away. In it she said something that is absurdly obvious yet completely counterintuitive. The craziest part is that this idea has been incrediblyContinue reading “Worst Case Scenarios: Friend or Foe?”

Why How You Start Your Day Matters

“…I rise early almost every morning, and sit in my chamber without any clothes whatever, half an hour or an hour, according to the season, either reading or writing.” – Benjamin Franklin Same. Endless amounts of research (and testimonies from basically every creative and successful person) continue to prove that having a consistent morning routineContinue reading “Why How You Start Your Day Matters”

Easiest Way to Start Creating Healthy Habit Today

It is so easy to focus on the few things that you do wrong every day and not on the HUNDREDS that you do right! Not only does focusing on the good make it easier to create healthy habits out of these behaviors, but with consistent practice it actually changes your brain chemistry by creatingContinue reading “Easiest Way to Start Creating Healthy Habit Today”